Proceedings of the first International Symposium of the Verre et Histoire Association, Paris-La Défense / Versailles, October 13-15 2005

Prof. J. CAEN, Hogeschool Antwerpen (AUHA), Conservation Studies, Antwerp (Belgium)
Prof. Dr. B. DE MUNCK, University of Antwerp (AUHA), History Department, Antwerp (Belgium)
Dra. V. DE LAET, University of Antwerp (AUHA), History Department, Antwerp (Belgium)

Technical Prescriptions and Regulations for Craftsmen in the Southern Netherlands during the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
A Confrontation of Archival and Material-Technical Information regarding Glazing and Stained-Glass Windows.

Engraving: Félibien, Des principes de l’architecture, Diced loading pattern

Fig. 2b: Diced loading pattern, Félibien, Des principes de l’architecture…, p. 199.