Proceedings of the first International Symposium of the Verre et Histoire Association, Paris-La Défense / Versailles, October 13-15 2005

Dr. Olivier SCHALM, Prof. Dr. Koen JANSSENS,
University of Antwerp, Dept. of Chemistry, Antwerp (Belgium)
Hilde WOUTERS, Instittuut voor het Archeologisch Patrimonium, Asse-Zellik (Belgium)
Danielle CALUWÉ, Free University of Brussels, Dept. Of Archaeology, Brussels (Belgium)

Composition of 12tth-18th century window glass in Belgium: non-figurative windows in secular buildings and stained-glass windows in religious buildings.

The Chlorine-abundance as a function of dipotassium oxide concentration for the calco-potassic glass fragments

Fig. 7: The Cl-abundance as a function of K2O concentration for the calco-potassic glass fragments. For the 15-17th century HLLA glass (403 samples), an anti-correlation between these constituents clearly visible. Symbols: see Table I.