Actes du premier colloque international de l'association Verre et Histoire, Paris-La Défense / Versailles, 13-15 octobre 2005

Dr Marco VERITÀ, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Venice (Italy)

Italian window glass chemical composition from the Roman time to the 18th century

Table 6 – Mean chemical composition of the main oxides in the identified glass types.
Dating and number of analysed samples belonging to each group are also reported

dating n. samples group SiO2 Al2O3 Na2O K2O CaO MgO P2O5 BaO Fe2O3 MnO
1-1252Na1Mean67,42,517,20,77,10,90,11 0,90,9
   Std. Dev.20,320,21,30,30,05 0,40,6
9-1626Na2Mean66,41,313,72,69,33,20,3 0,70,4
   Std. Dev.1,80,91,40,71,30,60,09 0,40,2
14-167Na3Mean671,7163,46,21,80,55 0,70,3
   Std. Dev.1,70,40,70,80,70,50,2 0,20,2
17-189Na4Mean66,11,512,64,59,82,70,52 0,70,5
   Std. Dev.2,40,40,81,31,91,10,35 0,20,3
   Std. Dev.2,90,70,83,23,310,90,10,20,3
   Std. Dev.1,60,50,1220,60,20,130,20,2
   Std. Dev.2,50,511,31,40,30,30,170,10,2