Recherches en cours sur le verre à vitre romain, Namur.

Verre romain NamurUne doctorante de l’université de Namur s’intéresse aux collections de verre à vitre de Gaule, d’Allemagne ou d’Espagne.

« Géraldine Frère, teaching assistant at University of Namur, is looking for collections of windowpanes for her doctoral project on the use of window glass in Roman architecture. She is looking for collections from Gaul, Germania, Britannia, Hispania, Italy, etc. whose chronology and context are well-established. She has to work on all aspects of the glass: its production, its use in different kind of buildings, its function, etc. Indeed, the aim of her study is to understand the relations between every characterics of those windowpanes, the function of the building and the geographical area. »

Si vous avez des idées, contactez Géraldine Frère à l’adresse suivante :